Through the roof

Spending rises out of control as Mayor Palmer grows his empire


The Cambridgeshire public are being forced to pay out millions to fund Mayor Palmer’s growing empire – despite his promise to
do the opposite.

When Mayor Palmer won election less than two years ago he promisebar chart of promised against actual mayoral costsd to keep the costs of his Combined Authority down to £850,000 a year.

Now, the staffing costs alone stand at an incredible £5.6 million.

Readers will remember that 2017 saw the appointment of Mayor Palmer’s friend Tom Hunt as his political assistant on a salary of more than £40,000. Then last summer Mayor Palmer’s Conservative colleague Paul Raynes was given a job paying more
than £100,000.

Mayor Palmer himself of course earns £75,000 a year as Mayor. So within two years, more than £200,000 a year is being paid by local residents to Mayor Palmer and his friends.


In less than two years, Mayor Palmer’s empire has had five
different (interim) Chief Finance Officers!!

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