Swerving the Potholes

Christine Whelan Lynn Road Potholes

Councillor Christine Whelan contacted Cambs CC about the potholes across Ely

Our roads are bad – really bad. Potholes are popping up everywhere and it seems most roads are being affected. Of course, what you and I may think of as a pothole may not be what the Conservative County Council think of as a pothole!

The official description is:

“A pothole is a hole in the road that is deeper than 40mm and wider than 75mm in any horizontal direction.”

That is pretty big!

Potholes normally appear as a direct result of weather conditions during the winter with water ingress and the freezing and melting enhanced by road gritting.

Lynn Road has been particularly badly affected. The roads had already been patched and new potholes formed around the patches!

I contacted the County Council Highways department several times to try and get the roads repaired and sure enough, more patches appeared fixing the holes, only for even more potholes to appear around the patches. Repairs on top of repairs.

I’ve watched cars and cyclists zig-zagging to find the smoothest part of the road to try and stay safe – and even discovered cars coming directly at me on the wrong side of the road.

The good news is that the County Council have now approved resurfacing for Lynn Road, The promise is that Lynn Road will be resurfaced between Nutholt Land and Cam Drive.

The bad news is that it is not scheduled to happen until August 2018.

Of course, that is one road and there are many more that need repairs so please do keep reporting them to Cambridgeshire County Council and do get in touch with me.




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