Brexit and our local councils

eu flag as puzzle pieces

Unless something happens to stop it, in only 39 days the United Kingdom will leave the European Union with no deal.  So what has been happening at our local councils to prepare for the effects of leaving the EU with no arrangements in place?

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Chaos as East Cambs council set to abandon its own draft local plan

East Cambridgeshire District Council Offices

In breaking news this week, East Cambridgeshire district council has announced it is set to abandon its ill-fated draft local plan. The move follows the receipt by the council of the Planning Inspector’s list of the main modifications she wants to the plan before it can be accepted as ‘sound’.

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Where are the services we need?

Developers allowed to build expensive houses, but East Cambs Council fails to ensure public services for residents

CHarlotte Cane and Lucy Nethsingha talking about lack of public services at bus stop

Villages across East Cambridgeshire are having to cope with extra houses but public transport has been cut back severely by the Conservative-run County Council. So existing traffic problems will get even worse.

”A different approach is badly needed,” say leading Lib Dem Lucy Nethsingha and local campaigner Charlotte Cane pictured in
Swaffham Prior.

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Through the roof

Spending rises out of control as Mayor Palmer grows his empire


The Cambridgeshire public are being forced to pay out millions to fund Mayor Palmer’s growing empire – despite his promise to
do the opposite.

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East Cambs councillors refuse to endorse council trading company report

Shareholder PapersWell, that was interesting. Today’s meeting of East Cambridgeshire district council’s Shareholder Committee (the committee which represents the council’s interests in its own ‘East Cambs Trading Company’) was asked to recommend the company’s business plan to the full council – and refused to do so. Company directors were sent back to do some more homework, and a rewritten business plan will come to the next meeting of the Shareholder Committee.

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Swerving the Potholes

Christine Whelan Lynn Road Potholes

Councillor Christine Whelan contacted Cambs CC about the potholes across Ely

Our roads are bad – really bad. Potholes are popping up everywhere and it seems most roads are being affected. Of course, what you and I may think of as a pothole may not be what the Conservative County Council think of as a pothole!

The official description is:

“A pothole is a hole in the road that is deeper than 40mm and wider than 75mm in any horizontal direction.”

That is pretty big!

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Ely South Byelection Success!


Christine Whelan with Vince Cable (Leader of the Liberal Democrats)

Christine Whelan - Liberal Democrats 527 (Elected)

Sarah Bellow - Conservatives 411

Rebecca Denness - Labour 384

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County Council Slashes Gritting Routes

Savage cuts to winter gritting routes could leave villages stranded and many roads unsafe in snow or icy weather.

Sign our petition to make our roads safer.

The new, reduced gritting routes have just been published.  And I’ve raised serious concerns about the effect of the cuts voted through in February this year by Conservative county councillors with the help of Independents and UKIP.


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Recent Planning Applications

The following planning applications in Ely have been published recently by East Cambridgeshire District Council:

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Recent Planning Applications

The following planning applications in Ely have been published recently by East Cambridgeshire District Council:

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