Kings Avenue Crossing

key_Kings_Avenue_Crossing.jpgThe pedestrian crossing on Kings Avenue went dark on 6th August.  Once again, we had to contact Barratt Homes:

“I assume that Barratt Homes are still responsible for the maintenance of the light controlled pedestrian crossing on Kings Avenue”

A few days later we received a response from Barratt Homes:

“Good afternoon Alison,

I can confirm that Barratt are still responsible for the crossing on Kings Avenue.

I have requested the attendance of a signalling contractor who advise that they will endeavour to attend by the end of this week.


Vincent Gooch


Barratt Northampton (a trading name of BDW Trading Ltd)”

So after a lovely evening watching a performance of Macbeth in the grounds of Kings College, Cambridge, it was lovely to come home to see that the lights are working again.

It is just a pity that it takes up so much of our time fighting to get Barratt to do things that they should be doing.  Of course, if Barratt got on with finishing the work, then the County Council could adopt the roads and responsibility for breakdowns would no longer be their problem.

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