Europe - Day of Action`

INtogether day of action

Over 200 stalls across the UK for the #INtogether Day of Action. What a fantastic achievement.

Here in Ely, we met a large number of people, distributed lots of literature and gathered a great many signatures supporting staying in the EU.

We couldn’t have managed this without the fantastic band of volunteers from across the whole of South East Cambridgeshire and neighbouring constituencies.

Europe is the biggest choice for our Country for at least a generation and the choice is yours.

In Europe, Britain can thrive. Together we will be a stronger and more prosperous nation, creating opportunity for future generations, respected all over the world.

Together we created the world’s largest free trade area, we delivered peace, and we gave the British people the opportunity to live, work and travel freely. History shows that Britain is better when it is united with Europe.

Together we are stronger in the fight against the global problems that don’t stop at borders. We can stop international crime, we can fight climate change, and together we will provide hope and opportunity for the future.

It is not the time to turn our backs on Europe, leaving us isolated, side-lined and alone.

By voting to remain in, Britain can thrive.

Together we show the world an open, outward-facing Britain we can all be proud of.

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