A New Crossing for Lynn Road

key_kings_avenue_junction.jpgA new school and a new crossing to reach it.

For months we have been campaigning for a crossing on Lynn Road and also on Kings Avenue. This was an issue raised by a local resident and here is his petition. So far, online and on paper, we have over 230 signatures demanding this crossing and we finally get one!

The County Council have announced the start of work to build a crossing over Lynn Road as part of a ‘safer routes to school’ plan. Good idea. There needs to be a safe route for every child.

But is this enough?

Safer routes are only beneficial if they cover the route that people will naturally take. If you decide that the safer route will be a longer route, then you need to force people to take a different route. Even then, how often will people just walk round barriers to take the shortest route?

Many children heading to the new school will be forced to cross Lynn Road, or to cross Kings Avenue: now busy roads and due to get busier. “It's a major route for HGV's, farm traffic with huge tractors & trailers, buses, town traffic, bicycles and pedestrians. A very dangerous mix!” said one resident, who continued “I really fear it will take a fatality before any improvements are even considered! Please can I be proved wrong.”

We need you to help us keep this pressure up, so please do add your name to Brian’s petition.

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